Fisherman Sandals - Beige
Fisherman Sandals - Beige
Fisherman Sandals - Beige

Fisherman Sandals - Beige

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Fisherman Sandals

NA-KD´s ambition is to become one of the top 1% most sustainable fashion brands in the world. We believe in 100% transparency and traceability to create a more sustainable fashion industry. That's why we tell you what country and factory this product has been made in. We'll add the impact of materials and production from this specific product too. We want to share with you how and where our products are made so you can make conscious choices that are better for the environment.

What is it made of?

Upper: 100% PU. Sock: 100% PU. Outer sole: 100% Resin.


In 2021, 63% of all NA-KD products were made in more sustainable materials and produced in a more sustainable way. We will not rest until that number is 100%. We'll always make sure NA-KD is a front-runner in terms of sustainability.

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